Wednesday, February 6, 2013

17 points you can’t ignore while choosing a web design company

Author: Girish Sharma

Start up’s and SME’s people who is worried about selecting good website designing company to create and develop their new businesses/brand in online market can now take an easy breath and relax. Because here is the step by step solution for your problem to select a best web design agency that matches to your business need. Just go through the 17 points and you are done.

List your need: Make a list of all your requirements to develop your business in online. What is the need of website? For What purpose you want to create this website? What you expect from your website to do for your business?

Research & Evaluate the work:
Become an internet savvy/web savvy and find out different web designing company details and evaluate to their online presence and creative work to short list best among them or select companies which are recommended/referred from pals who are web-savvy/internet savvy.

Portfolio and case studies:
Review their best creative work and case studies related to your industry to understand capability, consistency, creativity, quality of work and experience. It is better to request a list of testimonials and recommendations list to find their reputation and customer satisfaction commitment. Speak to their clients and find out what they will say?

Explain your need:
Select the best one from the above analysis you made and explain your need to them in detail either in face to face meeting or through online medium using any video calling options like skype, Google Talk (Gtalk), Google+ hangout, Google Voice, ooVoo, FaceTime, Viber, & Tinychat.

Ask their details procedure in creating good website. The best designing company will listen to your needs and explain you what they will do for you? And how they will do the same?

Ask for details proposal and compare the costs and features of each company with other. Try to get one stop solution for your business development.

Trust and relationships:
Business is not about ‘Money’ it’s all about ‘Relationships’, how many ‘Relationships’ you are getting in period of time with different people in your industry. Make sure you get strong relationship with your web design company and build trust between each other.

When you compare proposals you will get a question how to select the best one from these proposals? Don’t go for very high cost or very low cost one. Select the one which has provided best quality work, consistent and provide service at affordable prices that matches your budget.

Check for their online reputation in consumer forums, discussion forums, ORM sites, complaint forums and also in different social media channels.

The web design company should also have experience in providing different digital marketing services like SEO, SMM, PPC, Email marketing, copywriting, Social media and other digital branding services with equal expertise and competence.

Website types:
Ask a simple question to find how many industries they have served and see the work. Ask them to list the number of websites types that they have designed. This will give you an idea to understand how much experienced they are?

Graphics in Design: Too many graphics in all their designs or all designs have same theme with some graphics? Find out design variations that they can do for you by analysing the different design themes they have in their portfolio. How they use visuals and images and graphics?
TIP: Graphics should be used normally in 3 areas on website;

    • Header graphics

    • Product cover.

    • Background graphics.

Business Analysis: To understand how your web design company has understood your need, ask them how they will analyse your business? What market research they will do? How they will leverage the collated information to strategically enhance your brand website?

a Web Strategy: Remember, a good web design company is capable of creating website designs with a winning web strategy to help you score in your brand marketing campaigns. If the website design is synchronized with the marketing strategy at the inception itself, then the website design will add more value to your current and future marketing campaigns.

Before taking final decision check for these four things; dedication, consistency, assurance, and experience of that web design company. Find out how many people will be working for your project dedicatedly? What are the quality commitments and assurance they provide? How much experienced, in terms of knowledge and work expertise people will involve in your project?

Involving in process:
Another important thing you need to know is; are you involved in designing your brand website? You should get opinion/advice from the selected design company and also you should get feedback for your suggestions opinion, views, design theme, content and other details. This enables you to understand and develop your business further.

Technical Support:
The most critical point you must take in to consideration is what type of support is offered after web site launch? Ask them to list out the services and support that they will offer for you after the completion of website design project.

I hope now you have an idea on how to select a web design company in uk. Am I right?

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