Saturday, May 25, 2013

Web Design Trends Of 2013

by Patrick D. Quinn

Continuous change is inherent in the world of web design but as new technologies gain wider acceptance and the general population grows increasingly tech-savvy, design innovation is more exciting than ever. Many of these trends celebrate the inevitable victory of content over fly-by-night style fads while acknowledging the interconnectedness between mediums and platforms in encouraging “future-proof” integration.

Responsive Design

This is indisputably the top trend going in 2013. With a growing segment of the population accessing the web via smartphones and tablets, it is important to develop for varying screen resolutions, considering from inception not only desktop and mobile devices but also planning how websites will adapt to larger and different types of displays. Nearly all newly released themes in the WordPress market come fully mobile-optimized and “responsive.” A single set of codes which run perfectly on all devices can potentially incorporate more elaborate graphics into layouts as browser windows expand, thereby future-proofing digital communications by being prepared for new display developments.

Retina Display

Retina screens are twice, or even up to four times as dense as an average LCD – twice as many digital pixels now fit into the space of the same amount of physical pixels. This means that to prevent image-heavy sites from appearing grainy, web designers must first sample images at double the resolution and then save a standard version at half the size. There is a JavaScript library for performing scalable web design automatically at retina.js.

Simpler Aesthetic Design

As Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With this in mind, computer courses are encouraging designers to build increasingly lean and minimalistic sites that load quicker and focus on easily useable content. This applies particularly to merchant landing pages, which should focus on readability and a straight-forward ordering process to entice busy consumers. Some of the better designs include:

- Typography taking centre stage, with more inventive and dynamic ways of presenting words as a decorative element, with content-based layouts easier to make responsive
- Full page backgrounds with large photos or detailed illustrations to capture attention with eye-pleasing visuals, nicely establishing a website’s mood
- Single-page layouts offer users a quick way to get what they came for in a captivating design, perhaps fixing the navigation bar at the top of the window even when scrolling down
- More white space creates uncluttered design and an air of professional directness
- Calmer, more consistent colour schemes focus attention on text and content
- Circular design elements generally fit into any layout block and have a clean, intuitive feel

While web design courses will increasingly focus on mobile-first functionality and the integration of cutting edge technologies, there will be a swing towards better layout in 2013. With applications like Twitter Bootstrap making web creation more accessible to the common person, there will be an upsurge in user-friendly sites that simply look beautiful.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Responsibilities of a Web Designer

by Lee jay

Since the advent of internet, web designing and web designer have gained huge popularity. But what is web design and what is its necessity? Web design is the art of creatively presenting the content to the end user through a World Wide Web by using a web browser or web enabled software. The main aim of web design is to create a web site (collection of electronic files inside a web server) and present its content and attractive features to its user in the form of web pages.

With growing demand for information technology, web design is gaining huge prominence. As a result the number of people taking up web design as profession is also on the rise. Working as a web designer could be quite taxing as it comes with lot of responsibility and burden. For instance- when you are assigned the work of developing a web page critical to someone’s business, you are confronted with a situation where even a slightest error could ruin the other person’s business.

Web designing is no doubt a very lucrative profession but before jumping to conclusions, it is important that each of us understand what is it that is expected out of a web designer? This is something we all would like to know. Some of the responsibilities of web designer are discussed below:

• Confidentiality: Most often than not web designers are provided access to business critical resources like servers, passwords, usernames, databases and other strategic information. In such situations, web designers need to make sure that they maintain absolute confidentiality, not to lose any data, not overwrite documents without archiving them, record information every time your replace a user account, record information on timely basis from previous hosting and record information in a secure manner.

• Responsibility: Even though it is not mentioned in the contract, business performance is one of the prime responsibilities of a web designer. A web designer needs to make sure that he uses appropriate redirects and thus follows traffic along new pages, use robots.txt to block access to private areas and ensure that popular content continues to exist in the new site.

• Managing financial data: Management of financial data and email accounts is also a part of web designer’s job responsibility. Since he has access to all most all kinds of information, he needs to follow few ethics. For instance- in case he is required to check his clients email account, he needs to inform the same to his client and guarantee his client about privacy of critical and personal information.

Although this entire process seems to look easy, web design is quite complicated in itself as it crosses multiple disciplines including information system, information technology and communication design. Despite its complexity, web design is an ongoing activity. Hence before creating and uploading a website, it is important to devote sufficient time to plan what is required considering target audience or target market as well as the purpose for which the content is going to be developed.

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Article Source: Responsibilities of a Web Designer

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Main Factors Effect to SEO Friendly Web Design

by Justin Version

If you tend to hire a web design firm, find a company that provides a service package where Web Search Engine Optimization is integrated. You may wonder why we have to decide like that. In this case, it because over 80% of online purchases originate come from search engines; and most of them come from Google. Therefore, this is clear proof that you should consider a service that will make you an SEO-friendly web design. Below are some factors that you may consider as a website SEO-Friendly:

Firstly, you must think about the target keywords. All of us may or may not have heard about keywords, target keywords and their power in increasing your website's search engine ranking page (SERP). For SEO-friendly web site design, find a provider that will make use of the right target keywords to let people find out your service when they need to purchase something that you may be able to give them. These target keywords must be relevant to what you offer in your business, or they will be considered SPAM keyword by search engine algorithms (SPAM keywords are the keywords that help your site rank high in SERP but not relevant to your website or you do not offer the relate service). A good web designer will also use keywords when creating URL's, filenames, and content in your website. This step will help search engines understand your site better and find your web pages more quickly.

Secondly, take a look to navigation menus. Navigation Menus is how your website users will find the information they need as they go from one webpage to another. So, when your website has a good & clear navigation structure, it will make for good user experience. In other words, user wills easy to get what they want from your site; and then they may stay longer on your site (If visitors stay long in your site, it will increase the bound rate of your site. This factor will be useful for your SEO process). In terms of Search Engine Optimization, navigability means allowing search engines to find the webpages on your site easier. This is to enable these search engine spiders to index such webpages when they contain content that is relevant to a searched keyword. A professional web designer will know how to design a webpage with a navigation structure that make easy for search engines to follow.

Finally, pay attention to Social Media Capabilities. Effective web site design will also include social media capabilities, let considering the fact that a huge percentage of online purchases also begin in the social media or social network. Links to sites like Google +,Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. must be included in your website because they are a huge help in terms of building your brand online and contact with your potential client. Allowing your site visitors to interact with their friend or other people within your market through the social media can work great for SEO because they help increase the traffic that lead to your site. Besides, It may also increase the backlink to your site. The more quality links, the more recognizable your website is as far as search engines are concerned.

All of these factors play an important part in creating a good website for your business or organization. Needless to say, when you find the right professional web designer to create and maintain this site for you, you have a good chance of fulfilling your every objective for putting it up. You should also pay attention to their web design price. It's usually that good designer will cost you much. However, you will get the value product from them.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boost Up Online Business Activities With Effective Web Design and Maintenance Solutions

by John Smith

A website is considered as an effective and efficient platform to establish business activities online. This paramount tool also helps individuals to obtain hassle-free and flexible business activities across the world. Appealing and a user-friendly web page will attract a large number of customers and facilitate utmost information about products and services within a jiffy. Due to hectic schedules and lack of time people are unable to go to market place to buy desirable products and services so that they can easily access such websites to get the required accessories at the comfort of home. With the assistance of this top-notch tool one can also maximize online presence and introduce new products with effective marketing and promotion. To get quality services people search for reliable sources.

In recent times, you do not need to move from one place to another and waste valuable time in search of professional website design services. You can rely upon credible and well-established organizations to get desirable services at affordable prices. With assistance of online browsing you can search or explore such service providers without any hassle. The qualified as well as well-trained team of expert web designers creates economical and highly efficient web development projects. Moreover, people who want to boost up existing business or desire to enter into the E-commerce industry can obtain an informative and functional website within budget.

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