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Quality #Website Design - Critical To #SmallBusiness' Success

With careful considerations, normally financial, high quality website design is mostly beyond the reach of small business organizations.  Top  web design firms normally demand a higher budgetary requirement.  Still, with the influx of firms bidding for web  designs, also as technology made affordable, small business can now avail of top quality business website design that is not only priced reasonably, but allows them to achieve their goals as well. 

Realizing the importance of a good website design to generate traffic to small business to empower them to grow, some  firms are offering their web design services for this purpose.  In fact, even a massive company like Yahoo  has began to offer this type of services to small business. 

Quality website design - key ingredient to business success

A quality website design is crucial for small businesses to create its mark in the Internet that is transforming to become the hub  for ecommerce.  A growing number of organizations are building their virtual fronts on the WWW through their respective internet sites.  Therefore  in order to survive, companies should have the capability to explore new frontiers and be as creative as possible.  This is especially  applicable to small businesses where it is improbable for them to squarely compete with their bigger counterparts in terms of resources. 

What is good about quality website design is that it doesn’t have to be as expensive to produce a successful web design.  A good  web design can spell success and earn millions for a small business. 

A good quality website design for small business can also establish its identity and mark it distinct from other small  businesses.  In a small business world where every element is equal, having your own business identity is crucial.  A good  website design will ensure that you are only one of its kind. It has the ability to influence website visitors to consider you  ahead of the others. 

Success in web design for small business can happen with the following:
• The design should be able to convey the message of the business to its target audience
• A good web design should excite internet visitors as well as generate interests
• The web design should be able to drive traffic and consequently increase sales for the company. 
• The design shall allow for faster results for the company
• A good design will allow for better use of available tools
• It should also allow any organization take advantage of the benefits of technology

A lot of business companies are getting a grip of the importance and urgency of building a quality website design.  In the  world of the internetArticle Search, a high quality web design is a potent tool to stay alive in an intense and dynamic world of  competition.  Small business wants to be found.  They need to be recognized.  They need to make their presence felt.  They  need to create their own mark in the World Wide Web. Success is their only way.   A quality website design can bring them there.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Five Marketing And #WebDesign Mistakes #SmallBusinesses Make

By Andrew Stratton

Whether you use it to sell your products or services or simply to spread the word about your business, your website is a crucial piece of your online marketing and branding efforts. That is why getting it right the first time is so important. Unfortunately, most business owners don't hit the bullseye or even the target, on their first try. What goes wrong? Many things. But for brevity's sake, let's discuss the five most common mistakes.

1. Look Before You Leap

We know you're in a hurry to get your web address up and running, but if you don't take the time to research your target audience, your efforts may all be in vain. In fact, it will be far more frustrating and expensive to redo your site for a new target market than it would have been to get to know them from the start.

What information should you gather? Age is an obvious and influential consideration for any business owner. If, for example, your target audience is older, you may want to use larger font sizes. If your website is geared toward younger users, you must make sure your pages are smartphone-compatible.

2. Over-The-Top Design

Flashy, busy websites may have been all the rage five years ago. But nowadays, these designs simply do not look as impressive on smaller tablet screens or tiny wireless devices. As mobile Internet use continues to increase, online marketing companies are focusing more on simple, classic designs that are easy to view and navigate on much smaller screens.

3. Familiar Content

A significant number of business owners fail to update their web pages on a regular basis. As a result, product information and prices may have changed since the site was last revised. Then, when the customer goes to buy, he finds out that an item is more expensive than it was only a moment ago. These types of errors are not only unprofessional, but they also usually result in lost sales. So, if you don't have the time or experience to faithfully update your website, hire a professional to do it for you.

4. Doing Everything Yourself

While it is true that it's now possible for almost anyone to create a template-based website on their own, these pages often fail to impress. Most are simple, generic web addresses that don't tell your visitors much about your company or brand. What makes you different? That is a difficult question to answer with a simple template. An experienced web development company, on the other hand, can help you create an eye-catching custom site that will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember: you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

5. Make Sure Everything Is Included

Some web development companies expect their customers to order a la carte while others create more affordable packages based on individual needs. In addition to basic web design, these packages may also include SEO and social media optimization. These two practices are utilized to help direct more traffic to your shiny new site through online marketing efforts.

Use these simple tips to reach your target audience and establish a strong online presence with marketing and design.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

#WebsiteDesign - The 8 "C's" That Make a Site Sticky

By Darryl D Alexander

I believe in judging a website by how well it converts visits into profits and this can be achieved with "stickiness"... the measure of how long a user spends on your site.

The longer they stay the likelier they are to spend money, ask any good salesperson worth his weight in salt!

Website Design, "stickiness" & the 8 "C's"

Your design should keep visitors on your site AND make them come back for more so implement a few of the "C's" in your site design to improve your conversion rate:


"Content is king" so ensure your web copy is unique, fresh, useful to users and fits in with the overall design.

Broadcast content with RSS Feeds, e-mails and sms to your target audience and link to relevant sites to get your point across (automate this in the website design).

Interactive website design (on-line games, weather reports, etc.) ensures consumers spend more time on your website.

Include F.A.Q.S, reports, research data or on-line response forms and integrate call to actions throughout the website.

2. Community

Engage people on your website, plug-ins from Social networks should be incorporated in your website design to further develop peoples perception of your brand.


It's important for prospects or customers to reach you, display your contact details on each page and use an email notifier to inform users of any updates to the website.

Your design should include a Blog and allow comments giving you a better insight of your visitors needs.


Allow visitors to personalise landing pages and ensure the website design is customer centric with personal greetings and personal preferences.

5. Commerce

Customers should be able to complete the entire purchasing process on-line so incorporating on-line registration, secure payment facilities, order tracking and return policies in the website design is essential.

6. Convenience

Ensure your Hosting Company is reliable and keep your website down time to a minimum, remove dead links and ensure that information in no more than 3 clicks away (plan during the initial website design phase).

The website design should ensure a pleasant user experience with simple navigation, good graphics and clear typography.

7. Choice

The website should offer a wider selection of products than normal distribution channels or perhaps offer a product customisation option for registered members.

8. Cost

We always looking for bargains and the easiest way to find them is on-line, offer discounts for on-line purchases or bookings (check out for a good example).

Plenty of thought has to go into website design so always plan before you launch your on-line presence (or overhaul your existing web design).

We incorporate various marketing techniques into all our web design and will be sharing opinions in future articles.

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