Sunday, November 29, 2015

Social Media #WebDesign for Small Business

By Rosemary Burnett

How important is social media marketing to the small business owner? Well it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are looking to take your brand to a national or global marketplace then yes - invest in social media marketing. If you are a small business whose products and services are primarily geared to servicing your local area, then the question needs to be asked:

'How much time do you have to dedicate to raising your social media profile and what return on investment will it provide in terms of sales or market growth?

Websites versus Social Media - what to focus on?

Websites make sales, social media pages generally do not. Establishing good search engine rankings for your website should be the first goal for new start-ups so potential customers can find you. Great content and the ability to convert visitors into sales create a successful online campaign.

Building a list should be the prime focus of tapping into the potential of your site traffic, otherwise opportunities are lost. You have the three time convincers, those people who need to connect with you more than once to be convinced to invest in your product or service. List building provides the opportunity to stay in touch with customers that have yet to purchase and gives them a chance to get to know you more.

Social media can help connect at a deeper level with potential customers and used well can drive traffic to your website via promotions and competitions. Integrated with your blog; social media pages can create a coordinated online marketing campaign with your website to build your brand. Most people using social media are doing so for the same purposes as you - to promote themselves and for its social aspect. That means sharing photos, videos, music, humour, inspiration, information, advice and connecting with stars, media and people of interest.

When embarking on an integrated social media campaign you will need to think about what it is that you are going to share (that's not directly selling) with your followers? What have you got to offer that other people and businesses will find intriguing, inspiring, entertaining or useful?

Building Your Brand - Facebook, Twitter and Blogging

One thing I know is that people want to connect with you personally, they want to see your face on your social media profile not a logo. The exception to this is if you own a well-known magazine, trade journal or charity. Otherwise, my advice is to post a good photo.

Social media web design provides the opportunity to build your brand through images, slogans and profile information. Important is your by-line, if people get what you are about in an instant through the use of visual media and a one liner, the light goes on...connections can be made. When creating your slogan or by-line ask yourself 'What is your higher purpose' for doing what you do. Think in terms of how your products and services create value for people, ultimately what is it you are trying to achieve for them?

Transfer that message and branding through your Facebook page, Twitter page and Tumblr blog and when integrated with your website you have created a coordinated online social marketing campaign. Social media web design gives the 'wow' factor to your social media pages.

Let's talk about Blogging

Blogging if used cleverly can boost your search engine rankings and establish you as an expert in your field. To save time, write your blog posts all at once and queue them for release at set times each day with automated posting to your Twitter and Facebook pages. EBusiness Courses offers an integrated social media web design package that does all of this for you, except for writing the blog content. Writing a blog takes commitment on your part and if you are using the medium to establish yourself as an expert, no one knows your business like you do.

The rise of social media marketing is only going to get bigger and changes the way we connect with each other and our customer base. I guess at this point, the question is can you afford not to have a social media profile?

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

#SEO, Marketing and the Internet - How Effective #WebDesign Plays a Role in Marketing Your Business

By Patrick Tuure

What does a web design and development company know about internet marketing?

Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. They are distinctly separate specialties but have some common ground where they overlap and a web designer has to understand this in order to design a website and SEO it properly.

Marketing is a subject that many do not understand and when it comes to the internet most businesses really don't understand it.

Internet marketing has become a big business and a lot of companies out there have made fortunes for themselves and their clients. When marketing is done correctly it pays off in a big way. When it is done wrong it can be a huge waste of time and money.

So the question is, what is the best marketing strategy?

This depends upon many different facets of your business and is one of the hardest points to communicate to someone. Marketing is a strategy, it is not a one shot panacea. There are many things that must be done for a marketing strategy to work for your business.

Let us take an example, you have a small business or you are an entrepreneur and have a brand new product. Ok, how do you market it? First you need to find out who needs this product, who wants it? How does it benefit them? Can they afford it? Is it cost effective and does it save them time or money or handle some other concern they have?

Now you have some idea who you can market to. Great, where are those people? How do you reach them? Postcards? A targeted direct mailing? Cold Calls? Personal contact? Fliers, brochures, pamphlets, etc? Do you design and build a website?

Let's say you do the normal type of promotion, direct mailings and maybe a TV or radio ad. For most businesses they don't need anything else. But for someone who has a web-based business these aren't enough. You need something that reaches the masses, you don't have a product that is limited by your fuel tank, it can be delivered digitally or via mail. Now we're talking about building a website that showcases what you produce.

Websites can be done for free, but there are problems inherent in this. One is that usually you are required to put up with others' ads on your website. Another is that you are the one doing all the work. Yes, you know the ins and outs of your product but you are not a web designer or a professional writer and more importantly writing articles and content on the internet is a specialty. There are reasons why people do this for a living; it's because they know how to. It is not just writing something down, it has to be constructed in a way that the Search Engines want it. Yes, you know what your product is and what its benefits are, but in the same way you hire an ad company to write a specific ad for your business, you need someone who knows how to write content for the web to construct your articles.

The next point is that you at least have to have basic Search Engine Optimization done on your website.

What does this consist of?

A keyword analysis and those keywords put into the content, title and tags of your website. This has to be done in a very specific manner so it doesn't look like spam.

Getting your website listed with the search engines, search directories, business listing sites and various other sites.

Then you can get much more detailed and this is where SEO and internet marketing overlap:

Using social media to promote your website, this can be through Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets.

Writing articles about your products and getting them submitted to article submission sites.

Getting press releases about your services written by a professional writer and getting them submitted to various sites.

Writing or posting blog comments about your products and services.

Using RSS feeds to promote your site and services/products.

Making videos about your products or services and posting them on YouTube and other video sites.

What does marketing and promotion do to bring you business?

One of the biggest misconceptions I've seen people get confused about is believing that by doing one thing, that should be the source of new business. This is flat out wrong. What I mean by this is that you pass out business cards with your information on it, logically you'd expect that anybody who contacts you, got your business card and wants to do business with you. This is incorrect thinking. A marketing strategy and campaign is what is known as a broad shoot. You spread the word about your business and services as far and wide as possible so that when someone gets your card it reminds them that they saw your TV ad and they call you. You want that broad shoot to spread your message across as much territory as you can get. It doesn't matter that you spend the money on one area and don't feel you are getting a response. How do you know it isn't supporting another one of your promotional campaigns? The fact is, you don't. That's why it is called a marketing strategy: it is many things working in conjunction to drive more business in so that you can expand.

Some businesses even try to track where they get their new customers from. This is pure folly really. You can ask a person where they heard about you. Usually it is the last place they heard your name, but that doesn't mean they didn't hear it 10 other times from other sources. What they tell you is just what they remember.

Some will tell you that direct mail doesn't work, others that cold calling is too difficult and not worth it, etc. They tell you this so that you will buy into their marketing program and for no other reason. Some will recommend what works for them, which is fine, but it doesn't mean it will work for you. I have many friends that own their own businesses and every single one promotes differently, gets their customers in a different way and some of these business owners are in the same line of work! My point is that you have to find the strategy that works for you and working with a professional who actually knows what they are doing is the best strategy of all.

Is there anything that you are doing wrong? Well, sure, if you are in the business of selling cars and all your promotion says you repair houseboats. You can have flat out wrong promotion, but in the marketing world it is all a numbers game, the more traffic you get the more sales you'll get. On the web, the more relevant traffic you get, the more sales you'll have and that is the name of the game! In order to get the leads you want, you must have a website that is designed well, optimized properly and then marketed properly. You achieve this by working with a professional web designer to build a properly SEO'd website and a competent internet marketer who knows what he is doing.

This gives you a professional and effective website that is part of a coordinated marketing strategy.

Patrick Tuure established O.T. Web Designs LLC in 2010 with the purpose of constructing affordable, professional and effective websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Contact Patrick at for more information on what I can do for you and your business.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Factor Before Hiring A #WebDesign Company

by Luis Carancho

Internet marketing is a very important source to promote your business and website is becoming the more attractive and effective advertising and marketing tool today. For many people launching a new website is very exciting period. Sometime many people do not know the proper concepts to choose the website design company and it gives many advantages. If you want to look your website professional, then you need to choose the right and the best web layout company. Due to this reason some important tips to choose the right web design company.

First step: Before hiring a website design company, it is important to ask for the previous designing work that has done by the company. Secondly, inquire about which type design process used and how much time to complete the work. Thirdly, inquire about the cost of designing project services. These are some tips that should be kept in mind to choose a good website design company. Be aware that what you want for your website exactly and what you will pay for it. Web designing demands to update regularly and hiring a website design company is not like a hiring of single person. In website designing company people work together on various projects.

Know about the employer of web designing company, the most important thing is that when designer come custom designs then ask him about the theme of the project and proper specification of the project. While hiring the web layout company, you have the clears idea what you expect from them for your site. During the project you need to be in contact with them means that you need for communication throughout the project.
It is very important that your website is designed in that way, many people visit it. Customer wants their website to be the best and interactive that is the reason they hire the professional web layout company for their sites. Then creating an interactive website and place it at the top of search engine will increase the productivity of your website. Hiring a web layout company is the key to get success in business.

If you chose the right web design company it gives good results and your visitors will stay longer. The website designs and layouts can grape's the user attention so; he will explore your site and stay for a long time. A good web deign company can create your website and also handle the search engine optimization for a long time.

Today there are many companies that are giving the facility to design your website, but the thing is to hire the best web design company among these. The internet is one of the good sources to find out the web designing companies. From above mentioned tips you can easily find out the best web layout company for your project. Website is very essential and it plays a role for your business survival and having a website can make or break your business. Its totally success is depend on the web designer.

For the top small business web design be sure to visit Australia affordable web design company.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to Add Credibility to Your #Website by Tweaking Your #WebDesign

by Phil Clifford

If you want to make your website look more professional and add credibility to your website, you have to tweak your web design. Here are some things that you need to do in order to add credibility to your website:

1. Don't use fancy background

If you want to add some credibility to your web design, you should avoid using fancy background in your website. Background image is not necessary. It will also make your website longer and more difficult to load. Also, website that has background will look childish and amateurish. So, you should avoid using background at all. Prefer to use clean and neat design for your website.

2. Include your contact information

Contact information can add more credibility to your website and you can easily earn trust from your visitors by including contact information in your web design. Also, it is important for you to provide contact form as well, as this will prevent your visitors from getting irritated when they want to contact you. If you provide a good functioning contact form, it will make it easier for your visitors to contact you.

3. Simple design and simple clicks

Make sure that your website has simple design and not complex design. Also, you should allow your visitors to find the information that they are looking in just few clicks. Too many clicks may annoy your visitors. If you can make your website as simple as possible, you will be able to make it more professional and credible.

4. Good organization

Your website structure will affect your visitor experience. If you want to add more credibility to your website, you should make the site structure properly organized and categorized. Good site organization is important to make your website look more professional and it will help your website to win the trust of your visitors as well.

5. Images and animations

Make sure to avoid using too many images and animations in your website. It will only clutter your website with unnecessary junk. Also, too many images and animations may distract your visitors and make them to leave your website quickly. If you want to add credibility into your website, you should eliminate excessive images and animations in your website.

Those are some tips to add more credibility into your website. By tweaking your web design, you will be able to make your website look more professional for your visitors. Additionally, you can hire a service from a good web designer to make necessary tweaks in order to make your website look more professional.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

#WebDesign Basics for #SmallBusinesses Marketing Success

By Kenday S Kamara

What you need to know about small business website design for successful marketing is about being effective in making an online presence in a way that you are easily found by your customers and potential customers. To achieve this you have to do all the right things only the experts can deliver using cutting-edge small business website design for marketing solutions which can give you the professional look and the marketing message capable of driving local business. Internet marketing is today the way of the world and many research studies have confirmed that over 80 percent of purchase decisions made today are made as a result of online searches. As such there are certain web design basics you have to follow for your small business marketing success.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is one of those basics through which you have to have a well written "About" page for potential customers to know all about your business and your experience in the business. This is important for your customers to feel safe dealing with you because online marketing involves people often having to hand over personal information. So you must have all the niches of a legitimate business online. And of even more importance is your "Contact" page. You must personalize your business with an email address that is not just generic, together with a phone number and a brick and mortar address customers can reach you because that places you on a map with Google Places you can also include on your website to reinforce that brick and mortar connection. So an effective reputation management starts with your "About" and "Contact" pages and you have to be thorough about these strategies to assert your legitimacy.

User Experience and SEO

After all small business website design for marketing is an integral part of being successful online and it is so important to search engine optimization (SEO). Relevance and user experience are key to an exemplary online presence. Great user experience starts with your website, its design and how effective it is impacted by search results. Of course, all the mechanics of an effective web presence have to do with page speed, content placement, internal linking structure and social media connections. These are the mechanics that can improve your pages rankings in search results and the experts in small business website design for marketing know what is best for your business you can depend on.

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