Sunday, January 15, 2017

Content, SEO and Web Design for Small Business Is A Must

Dave M. Barlow

Today, people want to design a website that can fascinate everyone. This is highly essential for your business if you want to have a strong online presence and high traffic. There are a number of business owners in the world who still don't know how to attract huge audience to their website and how they can make huge benefits in the online world with a good website. With some skilled website designers UK you can surely get the required presence and business. These companies will design websites that will highly effective in getting traffic and attractive in looks also increase your daily business sales.

There are a number of essential elements that must be included to make it a high quality websites and they are:

1. High Quality Content is the need of the hour, it is very important to have quality content because the badly written and executed content on your website will impact negatively on your website and you will be ranked lower in the search results and most important lack of good content will showcase the negativity of the company. It is becoming essential with the passing day to have the best and quality content on each page of a website. It should have been written by professionals and for the target audience. It is very important for both small and big enterprises equally. Web design for small business is almost equivalent to quality content; it should never be ignored and equal importance should be given.

2. A clean and clear design is always recommended - it is very important that you should maintain a good and a clear design because if you don't follow the basic rules, then the users will sometimes get frustrated. Try to completely avoid the flashing banners and also popup. You should hire professionals for the designing a website that will be clean, simple and functional; it will help the user to easily navigate in the website without getting annoyed. The color selection should me made according to the company and its services. Website designers UK is considered best for a perfect design that will fulfill every demand of yours.

3. The website should be Search Engine Friendly - Today, this is the most important thing than anything else. Even if you have the best design but people can't find it or the website is not displayed in the results of a search engine, then the great design is of no use for your business. This is a method that will ensure your products and services are displayed on top of the search results pages. There are a number of Website designers UK companies that can provide you quality and effective SEO services for your business. This method will make sure that your website is ranked higher in the Google and other search engines which will make it easier for your target users to find your services.

Web design for small business or large business should be same because if the above mentioned points are followed, then you are sure to achieve the results.

About the Author

Aesop Edwin is an expert in web design for small business and has been associated with The Web Maverick in a wide range of projects. The company boasts a team of creative website designers UK that can build effective CMS, ecommerce or any other type of websites on time and budget.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Web Design Using a CMS

By Damien Kettle

There has been a big craze lately, everybody wants their site as a database driven site or Content Management System (CMS). There are many advantages to using a CMS over ordinary static page site, the main on is site structure. You can change the structure and the hierarchy of the site instantly.

A Content Management System could be best described as integrating elements of a web site such as design, content, media and database into one easy to use package. The System is normally controlled by using a web interface (a form) which will capture the data and store it in a database according to its attributes (title, category keywords, description etc.). Some of the better ones out there are Mambo / Joomla, and because it's open source there is a large community are continually contributing updates and addon's to the system. Here's an example

The design of the site itself is controlled by templates and css style sheets making the design and development of the site is much more consistent especially larger websites. Another important factor is that because the whole site design is controlled by a couple of files it can be easily updated to give your visitors a themed season effect such as Christmas, Easter, Summer, Winter etc. This is important when it comes to repeat visitors, they know that the site is up to date and that the designer / developer is actually thinking of the visitor.

Finally, as you become use to working with a Content Manage System, you could spend more of your time concentrating on content and maybe farm out the design or purchase some templates for your site.

Damien Kettle is a Dublin based web developer. Visit: Web Design Ireland

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